We award $1000 every month for your awesome ideas. Simply tell us how you would make our town an amazing place to call home.

Anyone can apply. Yep, even you!
Don’t worry if you’ve never applied for a grant.

To celebrate the end of 2020, we will be hosting an End of Year Live Vote on Dec 15th to announce two winners for the month of November and December. In order to be considered, you must submit your idea by Dec 3 at midnight.

Be the person who shapes the future of our town. We’ll connect you to your neighbors who are rolling up their sleeves to better our community. Our $1000 monthly grants are a small way to help turn your crazy and bold ideas into tangible realities.

You can submit an idea at any time. Our trustees vote on the last Tuesday of each month and use the following criteria when deciding who wins.

  • Does it make Centre County an awesome place to call home?
  • Does the money produce something tangible that can be seen?
  • Are you pushing yourself to explore something new?
  • Does your project engage the broader community?

** The only thing we do NOT fund are projects that want to use the money to rent the 3 Dots space. We can find other creative ways to partner with each other, but we don’t like to fund ourselves through the projects. **

Spur Creativity in Town as a Trustee!

Our monthly grants are funded by members of our community! Trustees donate $100/month and in return, get the opportunity to vote each month on which project we fund. This is your opportunity to connect with others dedicated to making our town an awesome place to live.

If you can’t afford $100/month, consider joining with a friend and splitting the donation 50/50.

Past Winners & Projects

As a chapter of the Awesome Foundation, our grants support a world-wide effort to spread a little more awesome in the universe. No strings attached grants for everyday people trying to better their communities.

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Funded and Supported by the Knight Foundation Fund and the Kalin Family Fund of Centre Foundation

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: For safety reasons, we will be closed to the public and canceling / postponing all events for the foreseeable future. As the situation evolves, we will share updates on our site. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.