I’m excited to connect to State College’s amazing community through art and innovation!

Is 3 Dots the Right Fit?

Unique Setting

This is about as far from a boring old conference facility as you can get. We set out to create the most dynamic venue in town. One with a huge cool factor. And most importantly, one that your guests will not only appreciate, but talk about for years to come.

Welcome to All

We want 3 Dots to be accessible to everyone. With a mission to support artistic and innovative experiences, we encourage events and audiences of all types. If you’re booking our space, we trust you’ll be just as welcoming as we are.


Be sure to check out our Calendar of Events to see if the dates are available for your next event.

Who Else is Involved

Here’s a look at folks that have already booked their events or are closely involved with 3 Dots.


Partial vs Full

2 Hour Partial Bookings

Partial Space events are held on the Performance side of 3 Dots, where the Gallery and Lounge remain open to the public during these times. Groups must clean up after themselves and reset the space to its original configuration. Bookings can be made for 2 hour slots during the following times:

  • Tuesday through Friday Afternoons 2pm-5pm: $50
  • Tuesday through Friday Evenings from 5pm-7pm: $75
  • Saturday from 11am-7pm: $75

4 Hour Full Space Bookings

Full Space events receive exclusive use of the 3 Dots space for 4 hour slots, with additional hours available at a discounted rate. During these times, 3 Dots is closed to the general public and the reserved group can make full use of the entire space. Professional cleaning is included in the price. Standard pricing acts as a starting point, but please inquire for event specific pricing!

Events can be booked during the following times, and if you don’t see what you need, let us know and maybe we can help!

Standard Pricing for Q1 + Q2 2020.

  • Wednesday through Thursday from 5pm to 10pm: $400
  • Friday from 5pm to 9pm: $600
  • Saturday from 11am to 9pm: $600

What’s Included

Seating + Staging

  • 60 stackable chairs
  • 8 circle tables with ability to be high-top tables
  • 2 high-top tables
  • Moveable stage risers (eight 4’x4′ sections)
  • For private events, you can also take advantage of our conference room and the lounge seating which includes 4 couches and 6 chairs located in the front lobby

Audio + Visual

  • HD projector + screen (up to 9’x12′)
  • 2 Shure SM58 microphones and stands
  • 1 10-input Stereo Mixer with Effects and recording capability
  • 1 LD System LDS-MAUI11G with Bluetooth capability
  • Customizable Phillips Hue lighting for the entire space

Other Amenities

  • Standard-size refrigerator
  • Freezer to store extra ice
  • Dedicated counter space

Ready to Book the Space for Your Event?

Funded and Supported by Centre Foundation through generous grants from the Knight Foundation Fund and the Kalin Family Fund

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: For safety reasons, we will be closed to the public and canceling / postponing all events for the foreseeable future. As the situation evolves, we will share updates on our site. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.